If you can’t lure a claustrophobe into a cave on its scenic virtues, you can offer him an entire 54 cents off the admission and appeal to his pocketbook. Besides, this isn’t any old cavern. It’s one of America’s greatest caverns.

Apparently there were so many, and were so well known, that they felt it necessary to point out its top-tier status.

A story from the website about the cavern’s 19th century history:

"It appears that Gen. Stonewall Jackson was camped nearby - near Port Republic, a well-known Shenandoah Valley battle field - and allowed his men to visit during a lull in the fighting. Many of them went deep underground to experience the cool and beautiful sights. When asked if he was going to enter the cave, Gen. Jackson is reported to have said, 'No, I think not. I fear I shall be underground soon enough, and I have no desire to speed the process!'"