You can smell the stuff, can’t you?

Not crazy about the colors, but the typography is crackerjack. The Sleight Metallic Ink Company (hence SIMCO brand, of course) was founded in Philly. Ghost-ad-enabled background here.

Googling around a few years ago brought up the story of Bob Gans, a Sleight Employee:

After the war, Mr. Gans returned to Sleight Metallic Ink, where he had worked prior to being drafted, and successfully opened its California office. All was going fine until just prior to his wedding. ‘I met a beautiful girl, and the week I was going to be married, the vice president of Sleight Metallic Ink flew in and fired me to give a job to their brother-in-law,’ he said. ‘My sisters came to me and asked me what I needed to get into the ink industry. We pooled together $6,000, and I went into business.’ In fact, the first thing Mr. Gans did was run Sleight Metallic out of business."

Well, that’s interesting. The website for Gans Ink says the company was founded in 1950. This page was written by a guy who worked for the company in 1957. He says the company was around until 1980.

Mr. Gans also says he was engaged to Jayne Mansfield, the company’s spokesmodel, but she suffered that unfortunate accident before they could exchange vows.