Adult radio? Not in the naughty sense, no.

For 23 years, WPBC "the People's Broadcasting Company" served the Twin Cities as a folksy, homespun, literal mom-and-pop radio station, owned and operated by Bill and Becky Ann Stewart, who also happened to be personalities on the station.

Soundchecks at the link, too.

Twincities Music Highlights quotes their giveaway mag:

“WPBC MAKES THIS BOLD CLAIM:  IF you are an ADULT ….. who likes POPULAR MUSIC from TODAY and YESTERDAY but your nerves can’t stand the LOUD NOISY TEEN-AGE MUSIC….. YOU WILL LOVE the GENTLE TENDER TOUCHING RELAXING selection of EASY LISTENING POPULAR MUSIC on WPBC AM and FM STEREO!  It’s MODERN… but MILD!  It’s IN… but NOT far out!!!!  Try it for a week.  You’ll LOVE IT!!!!!”

Stop shouting!