Behold: Reddy Kilowatt's sworn enemy. This is Willie Wirehand, and he's almost an alternate-universe version of Reddy. Doesn't have Reddy's flair for a phrase - not sure how I can live farm, let alone live farm electrically (yes, I know, I'm being obtuse) - but he came from a different background. Some say Reddy was the tool of Big Utilities, while Willie was the happy mascot for rural electric cooperatives. Owned by those we serve!

Can't deny his charm and cheer, but Reddy was literally made of electricity; Wille seems to be made of parts.

Runestone Electric is still around; the name comes from the Kensington Runestone, thought to be proof of Viking existence in Minnesota a very long time ago. Now regarded as a hoax.

Willie turned 60 in 2010.