Pronounced "drig-lo," if you want to annoy the sales clerk. Hey you got any of that there drig-lo I seen on the TV?

"Bone Dry Shine" isn't the most appetizing image, but it gets the point across. The stuff doesn't sit there wet for an hour.

O Cedar, which made your life easier, was known for a while for thier brooms, which had an angled cut. This innovation, we believed, changed everything. Perhaps it did.

The company's website says:

The Channell Chemical Company started as a manufacturer of waxes and wood polishes, which were sold door to door in the early 1900s. One of the main ingredients in the polish was cedar leaf oil, which led to the product being called “O-Cedar Polish.” As the company expanded, so did the brand awareness of O-Cedar, and the name just stuck!

And now you know.