Underwhelming, perhaps; ordinarily ornate in that early 60s fashion. Nice lettering on "Incomparable," though.

I don't remember Harry's, and it may have closed before I got to Minneapolis. It's the sort of restaurant that seems in short supply these days, a vanished type: the nice dark woody place that serves everything, and is located at the top of the stairs in a building where the first floor starts about five feet above street level. A canopy, so you can run inside id the weather's bad. This sort of street amenity, which used to signify Restaurant in every major city, is mostly gone as well.

If you look above the canopy, you can see the signs of modernization: a glass lobby with recessed lighting. I'm guessing everything else inside the cafe wasn't as sleek, and the booths were dark red. To go with the meat.

But I'll probably never know one way or the other.