What is going on with Ali’s left hand, I have no idea.

Once there were two, now there is one. This page has a review set to a melody from “Phantom of the Opera.” It’s still there, apparently. THE LCBO is the Liquor Control Board of Ontario, a board that controls liquor. (In Ontario.) I’m guessing that some governmental busybodies required that line on any booze-nook in the province. People could thus take their steaks in peace, knowing that the proper license fees had been paid.

I’m guessing that one out of 20 waiters eventually snapped after hearing a customer say “open sesame!” for the 298,026th time, and stabbed the diner with a corkscrew. Maybe that’s why the Stratford one seem to have closed down.

If you look at the purple part long enough, the second word starts to look like “St. Ratfood.” If you look long enough, that is, and are thinking “St. Ratfood.” Try it.