It’s not a successful, famous athletic career unless it results in a financially disastrous series of restaurants.

The restaurant’s menu focused on country vittles, including Chicken & Dumplins’, Ham and Lima Beans, Country Beef Stew, Country Fried Chicken, Texas Chili, Catfish Filets, Chili & Beans, Chicken Fried Steak, a Country Smoked Ham Sandwich and a Country Pork Sausage

Largely because of law suits, overextension and poor management, the restaurants did not do well. 

The company received more income from franchise fees than from sales, and this could only spell long-run trouble for the restaurant. As a sign of its problems, the company changed its name to Invesco International, Inc. on June 30, 1969, and reincorporated in Nevada where it became a coal mining company.

Why does everyone agree that country food is best? They don't, Mickey.