Recently, I had the misfortune to dine at Gordo's with my family who were visiting from out of town.  When we arrived, the Owner was sitting in a chair near the front door....asleep.  When he awoke from his nap, he jumped up to greet us.  He showed us to our table and when my mother commented to the server that she felt the house wine was overpriced.  The Owner proceeded to come to our table and lecture us that his rent is $500/day and he pays $3.50 for that glass of HOUSE wine and then $0.90 tax.  Clearly we must look like we just fell off the turnip truck.

Closed now. The owner mentioned above wasn't Gordo, though.

After surviving the Pearl Harbor attack on the USS Arizona while on the ship's bottom deck, Gordon Howard found a new calling on returning home healthy from World War II. In 1952, he and his wife opened the doors to Gordo's, a bistro serving hearty plates of Italian and American cuisine, where Howard and the subsequent owners have warmed guests with mouthwatering fare for the past 59 years.