Teaneck’s smartest supper club! Go ahead, ask it a question.

Uh – why is your address so long?

Because I sprawl over several parcels of land. Next?

What did people do at your place?

They ate, drank, fell in love, had spats, sat in the corner contemplating suicide, announced to the world that they’d just closed a deal, broke a tooth on a piece of bone, and hummed songs they just couldn’t get out of their heads. Sometimes they got married and had a reception here, too. It was quite the place.

What will become of you in the future?

I will be demolished and replaced with a grocery store, and few – if any – will ever realize that where they park their car today people once frolicked and dined.

Did you have your own soap?


If you’re so smart, how come you didn’t get out before you were demolished?

Because I’m a building, you moron.