The histories of Minneapolis restaurants always reserve their greatest praise, and deepest regrets, for Charlie’s Cafe Exceptionale. Pricey? Well, in 1933, a Filet Mignon would set you back a dollar. The food

From the Hennepin County library site on Charlie’s:

"Charlie’s Café Exceptionale opened in December of 1933 at 716 4th Ave. S. in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was started by Charles Herlin and Charles Saunders who were the head bartender and waiter respectively. Charles Saunders gained sole ownership of the café upon the death of Charles Herlin in 1933. The Café existed at the same location until 1948 when a new building was constructed across the street. Ten years later, in 1958, another addition was built to the restaurant. The building was described as being in the English Tudor style constructed of white brick with a slate roof. Outside the entrance there was a bronze statue of a nude woman that was dubbed Scherzo."

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