There was a Lum Fong, and he ran Chinese restaurants in New York City. He died in 1952. According to the Herald Tribune:

Lum Fong, sixty-six, operator of Chinese restaurants in New York since 1915, died Thursday in St. Clare’s Hospital, 415 W. 51st St. He had homes at 174 Canal St., New York, and at 15 King St., Malverne, L. I.

Mr. Lum was the head of Lum’s 52d St. Corp., operators of Lum Fong’s at 150 W. 52d St., and of Lum Fong, Inc., at 220 Canal St. He was credited with introducing many famous Cantonese dishes to this country.

Mr. Lum was born in Canton, where he became owner of a restaurant famed throughout the province. He came to this country in 1915.

Note: link to Herald Trib now dead; it was originally at this site, which still has some info, including his recipes. Turns out Lum Fong introduced eggroles to America. Who knew?

“Lum Fong” was also the name of a character in a “Get Smart.” According to a fan site, the episode written by Arnie Sultan; he was born in 1925, so it’s possible he knew the restaurants. If so, it makes for an unusual chain of disconnected nomenclature. From the man to the restaurant to Get Smart . . . to this. Not something his mother would have predicted on the day of his birth.