1931 That’s Miss Ann Jablonski – Heywood’s sister – of Lungeyelun, New York, modeling a suit in this promo shot for the contest. According to the photo info, she was 19, and “a vital blonde.” Apparently there are roots, and there are roots.

Shoe-polish lipstick went out a few years later, but for the moment this look was the cat’s meow. (Or the dog’s bark, depending on your preferences; these things are often subjective.) This remarkably unattractive suit hints at the bikini, but the midriff is sheathed with 100% eye-proof fabric; the overall effect makes it look like she had a torsoectimy. She also appears to have had a collogen implant in her groinal area. But she's real, and it wouldn't be long before her body type was banished forever from the annals of Female Ideals.