The tower’s so tall it doesn’t fit on the page. No matter how small you make the transmitter building. There isn’t a page made in America that can contain the awesome tower of NAX.

Just to show you how good our engineering is: the tower’s up on tiptoe.

I’ll post the entire thing, even though every page isn’t exactly riveting stuff for modern eyes. Lots of portraits. Lots of Forties faces. But you’ll get a glimpse of mass media before TV, in an era when radio stations had a great bond with the people they served.

Yes, that's how we looked at it. That, plus salary and benefits. Okay, mostly salary and benefits. But service too.


Note: this site is not connected with WNAX radio. Until they decide to link to it and say "why, smashing job there, fella."

This is not a swipe from some radio archive; all pages are scanned, cropped, and cleaned by your host.