Quoth the back of the card: “The focal point of the Tidelands is the magnificent and picturesque Pool and Garden Area. . . . The Full Length picture windows afford our guests with the radiant beauty of the exotic outdoors. The ultimate in Luxuious Resort Atmosphere.”

You just know there’s a wide busy noisy road on the other side of the building.

Bob Newhart's first comedy album was recorded in the lounge of the Tidelands: fun fact.

A visitor to this site wrote:

"As far as I can remember, the "Tides II" still looked like the postcard in the mid to late 70's. Sometime after the oil bust, and subsequent "economic diversification" (translated: tearing stuff down and building the Houston Medical Center parking garages) both the Tidelands and Tidelands II were acquired by Rice University, and were being used as dorms for grad students as late as 1995.

You'll be happy to know that:

1. Rice U. made no effort to remodel anything, although they did replace the brightly colored curtains with industrial ecru (less offensive to the cockroaches) and the pool has long since disappeared.

2. The postcard view does block a busy street (I think it's South Main St.)

3. I escaped Houston in 1995."