I always think of buildings by their original name - the one they had when the evergreen went up on the highest girder. If they renamed the Empire State Building, would anyone ever call it by its new identity It's the RBC now, but it'll always be the Dain to me.

This building shouldn’t be as good as it is. At first glance, it could be something from the late 70s - a glass slab, a plain box. How could anyone build something like this in the late 80s? (They almost didn’t, as you'll see by another picture on this site.) Context is everything, though. This building stands on Nicollet, in line with the gorgeous golden Norwest Tower, two blocks from the big blue IDS Center. It’s both of these buildings, and neither. The setbacks mirror Norwest; the glass curtainwall and detailing is a nod to the IDS. Studded up and down the tower are grey accents that give it a character all its own. I’ve always liked this one.

By Norwest, of course I mean "Wells Fargo." (As if.)