Welcome to the Minneapolis site!

The “Downtown” section covers the skyscrapers, recent demolitions, and other landmarks. “Long Gone” describes the ghost city, the one they knocked down to build the current incarnation. “Mpls Modern” concerns postwar commercial architecture, the jet-age Googie stuff - I’m trying to get as much of it on film as I can, because it’s going rapidly. These are sites revised in 2013.

Older, smaller, weaker sites: “The Lakes” provide postcard & photo tours of three long-beloved city lakes. “The University” - well, guess. But it also contains a tour of Dinkytown, the unfortunately named village that’s housed students and professors for 90 years. I'll be updating these sites later in the year.

NOTE: I've cleaned up many a wonky page, and taken U of M and Lakes off until later in 2018. There's a huge new addition here, documenting the new stadium and the StarTribune demolition.

--Lileks 03.05.18