The Most Holy Sign

Standing in the empty field, it was almost impossible to think that a civilization had once thrived here. It had risen, fallen, and left not a trace. Or so they said.

“What was this mythical city supposed to be called - Wealthyplain?” said my colleague, Dr. Vitapetra. “Money-veldt? Cash-steppes? Croesus-tundra?”

“Rich-field,” I said. “No doubt only the wealthiest lived here. Hence the name.”

“I still think we’ll find nothing,” he said. “It’s just a rumor, this ‘drive-in.’ Rich-field, maybe it existed. But this . . . Henry’s you seek is but a story they tell to make small boys dream of treasure and adventure.”

“And what of this?” I said. “What of this?” And I thrust the ancient document before his face.