Knock knock

Sorry, we don’t open for another hour. Come back, and - say, what’s the deal? You can’t come in here. Who are you? Show me some identification. What? That? You can’t be serious. Holiday Inn doesn’t have its own police force to ---OOOPH Oh sweet jeez I’m gonna be sick, don’t hit me again please don’t OOAF! Okay okay you can have it, I didn’t steal it, a guy came by, said it fell off a truck, how’s I supposed to know? No, I don’t know who he UOAGH! It was Johnny! Johnny Macmurtry, works at the freight depot. He comes in every morning for coffee at 9. Here. Take a seat, you can wait.

So, can I get you something? A muffin? Pancakes? We’re famous for ‘em.

'Course it's onna house.