STOCKHOLM, Somerville NJ



Out on old Route 29. Your host: Niels Lilja. According to this ebay listing, Smorgasbord would set you back $3.25, beverage included. First course had your choice of herring, anchovies, sardines, beets, olives, celery, radishes, cottage cheese, and other such delicacies.

Second course improved matters sightly, with cold meats, salads and aspics. Home-made Liver Paste. Boiled Cured Tongue. Something called a "Sunshine Mold."

Third course got down to essentials of life: Swedish Meat Balls. Swedish Sausage. Fishballs in Cream Sauce. Liver Pudding with Lingonberries. And my favorite Swedish dish:


Fourth course was cheeses. including Norwegian Goat and Swedish Kumminost.

I wonder why Smorgasbord isn't as popular as it used to be.