Send no money and get a thousand frogs! Most of us would send people money if they promised not to. Did you know that deafness was cured with oil rubbed on the nose, or that treatments for bad vision involved sucking out your eyeball with smelly rubber cups? Yes, it’s all here: arsenic galore, alum douches, treatments for diseases no one has any more. Packed with all the hokum and quackery of a credulous era, “Tiny Lies” is a treat for anyone who wants to feel justly superior to an era where advertising could say anything, content you wouldn’t complain. You were either shamed, or dead. Now there’s an ideal market.

"Tiny Lies" contains 150 + small ads from the back of old magazines and newspapers, annotated and commented upon with varying degrees of strained amusement. That's right: less than a penny a page!

Provided you pay. If you don't, there's nothing I can do about that. This is an experiment, really. Everything on this site is free, and the ads are confined to the Bleat.

PayPal accepts credit cards, of course.

You can download it by clicking on this link. Right clicking will save it to your machine.

Note! This is not an ebook. You do not need a Kindle. It's a pdf, and will open in any browser. You can send it to your iPad if you like; you may also sent to the Kindle Fire, which supports higher-resolution graphics.

I hope you enjoy it. As with the products it describes, there are, of course, no refunds.