I think I chose this because it has the strangest name. These are two words usually not yoked as a team.

It's named for the Canadian River, known for its naturally occuring Lithium:

"It is unclear why the river is called the Canadian," says Wikipedia. "On John C. Fremont's route map of 1845, the river's name is listed as "Goo-al-pah or Canadian River" from the Comanche and Kiowa name for the river. In 1929 Muriel H. Wright wrote that the Canadian River was named about 1820 by French traders who noted another group of traders from Canada had camped on the river near its confluence with the Arkansas River."

As for those people above who are Happy in Canadian, they mean this:

I'm guessing someone named Happy started it all. Or someone from Happy, Tx. Or someone by the Happy River. Or just someone in a good mood.

You'd think the bank would explain the name on their site, but no.

This little 60s bank drive-through is, to use the internet word, adorable.

So modern! So wee.

Meanwhile, downtown:

A nice way to say "Bank" without columns. The windows do the column's work.

Downtown, something not Happy-Bank-related:

A substantial citizen, but it looks like it had a haircut.

I never understood the column-in-the-doorway style. It's structurally necessary, yes, but it just makes it look as if it would be hard to get a box through the doorway.

The door almost makes it look as if it's a bank for mice.

Another piece of unruined Main Street:

Nothing flashy, nothing brash, nothing bold - but the diamond lattices are a nice touch on both floors. Ties it all together.

Finally, the last picture show:

Interior shots here. Cinema Treasures:

This theater was originally constructed in 1909 as a vaudeville house named Pastime Theatre. In 1916, it was renamed Queen Theatre and became the Palace Theatre in 1932. It has remained a theater ever since.

The theater, and indeed the entire town, are a shining example of what a small town can do besides fold up its sidewalks. And no, the answer doesn’t include Wal-Mart or any other tacky garbage.

Here, here. Good for them! Makes you feel . . . banky? No, that's not the word.