Five thousand souls - with a deep, dark secret the likes of which the world has never seen before!

"Jackson is a frequent backdrop for a number of television shows. Most recently, the Netflix Original Series Stranger Things made Jackson the location of the show's fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana, turning the downtown area into a 1980s small town."

Indiana, Georgia, what's the diff.

The problem with doing a town that hosted a TV shows: you can't tell what's real, and what they fixed up for the program. Google's street view has wayback functions that let you see the town a few years back, but some of the improvements could just be . . . improvements.

These pictures were taken in August 2016.

I believe the water and sewer authority used to be a bank.

You won't find the awning in the TV show.

I think this was revealed by renovation, but it's been like this for a long time.

This explains little:

Robert Olin Fuqua, age 87, of Jackson, GA passed away, Saturday, January 4, 2014 at Spalding Regional Hospital. He was born in Jackson, GA September 1, 1926 son of the late Andrew Augustus Fuqua and Hester Blalock Jarrell Fuqua.

. . . except that it says there was a woman named Hester Blalock Jarrell Fuqua.


Here's another now and then:

The 2013 view - which is actually more 80s than the cleaned-up version:

The older vision makes you think someone really, really liked "Miami Vice." The newer version was painted for the TV show.

What kind of building? Why, a COMMERCIAL BUILDING.

She won, by the way.

This I love. No, the Rexall sign doesn't fit, but it's nice to see one stick around. The facade is nice and simple, and it actually fits in. I hope the lamps still work.

The "City Pharmacy" sign has those ancient symbols of a pharmacy, the amphorae. No one knows what they are anymore.

The obligatory small-town late 60s / early 70s bank, in all its dullness and heavy overhanging roof.

The shrubs must conform to the roof! All of them! Without exception!

The courthouse for BUTTS county (snicker) (sorry) Build in 1898.

OCS, or Obligatory Confederate Statue. Details:

No hero in particular. Their Heroes in general.

I think the production company may have pitched in:

Old view:


It was a boon for all when Google Street view cameras got gyroscopes. Everything in the old shots is filmed like a 1966 Batman villain-lair.

I'm generally not in favor of painting old brick buildings, but if you must:

One of these buildings was an addition. Did they scrimp on the addition, or build something more lavish to make the project grander?

Not an addition. Not connected to the others, right?


Except that the columns are the same. They could have decided to include them for stylistic consistency.

Stranger things have happened!


Sorry. I'm done now.