Motto: "Incorporated in 1904." Or so the website seems to say. But that's not where it began!

"In 1884, Rudolph Kremmling established a general store in the town, and as ranchers occupied the surrounding areas, more services were established in Kremmling to meet their needs."

Needs having been met, the town was incorporated. And so today:


As you might have noticed, this isn't your typical Main Street entry.

Some Buckaroo Revival work on the awning, and sign from a David Lynch movie:


Naught left of the smithy's place but the facade:

A local history says this was Mr. Kremmeling's second business location, long ago. Mr. Hoare was born the year of the Columbian Exposition, and died the year of Reagan's election to the presidency.


A thrift shop, with the town's signature awning:

That lamentable glue-on stone: it left no corner of the country untouched.

Masons! Masons everywhere!

An oddly Dutch building, except it's not entirely Dutch.

The URL from the Masonic directory 404s.


The high sign: a big investment. We had one by our station; I still remember the way it creaked in the wind.

When there's nothing up there, the sign just says keep going.


You know, of course, what this is. Or was:

Beautiful little streamlined 30s place. The round window, the curved glass round the corner - wonder what it was.


Need a room?

An image search for old postcards pulls up something interesting on the first hit, and explains why I went to this town in the first place.


Just don't. I mean, it's tempting, but don't. If you do, don't mention my name.

Fortify yourself before you head into the great beyond.