This is the Middle of Things, the Middle of Places, the middle of the day in the middle of the week.

“What’s that? New building codes? Fire escape? FINE”

Interesting how they worked that in. Obviously they knocked out a window, but why did they have to step it down?


If you look closely at the building in the middle, you’ll see the real building behind the facade. That’s old. That’s old.


A little Buckaroo Revival in full strength, and the embassy of the outside world up the street in red. That’s the original Pizza Hut design, so it’s been there forever.


Keep in mind that brick was supposed to modernize the building. Make you think it was up to date. No one looked up to notice how it was different on the second floor. Everyone had a crick in their neck from working at the mill.

Two more signs and she could play the Twilight Zone theme on the bar’s answering machine



The rough-and-tumbled stone was fake, or at least prefab - it brought some SoCal Googie style to the rest of the country, but it looked different when it composed the wall of a coffee shop otherwise enclosed by plate gl


If you have a check from this bank I don’t think it’ll be honored.

Did the bank succeed and go on to a better location, or fail? Doing some elementary googling on the address to see if there was any history to be found, I discovered that the back-cracker went kaput since the picture was taken. Well, let’s move along and see if there’s anything else that flourishes.

Some signs have more appeal when they’re ruined.



Doesn't matter what it says; you get the point. Drinks.

A modern church from the rational corporate period. God as the CEO, Jesus as the regional manager. Nothing reaches up. The steeple its the glass basement foundation of heaven and flattens.



I think we can deduce the date and the theater’s status as a going concern by this image:


They bricked up the poster windows. That seems almost vindictive. Movies, fantasies, dreams - that’s what got us in this trouble in the first place!

From Granola at a reminder of the simply beauty and importance of the small town theater.


It's a horrible day when they close. It's a wonderful day when they open again.


Have a look, if you wish -


- and give my regards to Ely..