We can’t spend all our time looking at depressing pictures of shuttered small towns. We need a break. That’s why it’s always instructive to visit the major American cities east of the Mississippi, where you can spend more time looking at depressing pictures of shuttered large towns.

This is Detroit’s Beaufort Street. I’m sure it’s home to some fine folk. But it's a mess.


Sounds like a nerdy version of The Shining.

Care and attention paid here; it's the price of the area.


Sixties / Seventies design, alas. Library? Church? Community college? Same style for all.

Like a nice middle-aged lady ignoring the fact a passing car splashed mud on her dress.


What's inside? Something's inside.

Whatever they made here, it took a long assembly line:



You might be able to resurrect the name from the painting on the upper right:



I can make out "young," perhaps. Not that it matters.

The next time the Google Street View cars come by, that window will shrink one more time.



Good thing it's been decorated by local artists! Certainly brings a merry note to teh neighborhood. This COOL A$$ JOE sounds like a fascinating chap.

Deindustrialized areas have their own hues, including the uncleaned-aquarium-water of the glass block windows:


Wonder who painted over the stuff that someone else painted over.

"Okay, I have the address. Which door should I use when I get there?"



"Oh, you'll know."

The old-time silent-movie trope where the villain puts his forearm up to his eyes to concean his face comes to mind.



Good thing they added two rows of glass blocks to brighten up the joint.


There's a satisfying finality to this style of renovation.



Here's a sight that will make some people swoon: 30s Stremline Moderne, big windows, glass blocks - and beer!


You'll find more info about the place on their Facebook page.

It's either a church, or the building is drunk:

Since it was a light-industrial neighborhood, there had to be housing for the workers.

Google Street view, a few years ago:


And today.



At least the city added a new stop sign, so you can't say they're not doing anything.