That’s a lot of store for a hair salon.


The exterior is almost cool; the palette is nice, the signage nice, the stone has that Flintstony look, but it’s just a bit too prefab. And I suspect it was something else.


Cool piece of modernism in plain sight, probably well-regarded by no one:

That sounds pretentious, and mildly contemptuous, so I withdraw it. But really, take another look. All glass, completely transparent. Bonus for this shot: the ancient GAMBLES ghost sign.

We’re a bank with lots of money! Just not enough to put stone all the way around the building.

Cool theater. But let’s go back in time a bit.


You NEVER see a Buckaroo Revival movie theater. This may be the first. And the last, if anyone had any sense.

“We designed the wall as an homage to cartoonists who, over the years, have used a few bricks to suggest the entire wall.”

A bygone rehab, the hue of the stone - it’s hard to fix an era exactly.

Look! Look! Take us with you!

But where are they? Let's advance a bit . . .

Great sign, and a convenient line for practicing your walk after you’re pulled over.

Oh, that’s beautiful.




Makes you curse again the fact that such a cool style had to come along during a time of severe economic contraction. Imagine what downtowns might have looked like.

Although they would’ve peeled it off for this.


I presume everyone inside was crushed by the landslide, or buried under pumice falling from the volcano:


The first building did well, so he expanded. That’s my take.

Something very strange happend on the second floor on the right.

Ghost: can you ID it?



You will. If not now, eventually.

It’s like those stories where the aliens create a place they think the spaceman will mistake for home, but the details are off just enough to raise suspicions. There’s nothing technically wrong, but there’s something about it, Captain. I just don’t know.



Finally, this looks ordinary and non-descript.

But when you soar above it . . .


Bowling alley?

Grocery store?