Almost 8000 souls, and as usually it looks as if it should have a bigger population - but it's as big, if not bigger, than it's ever been.

Named For Casimir, the Polish fellow who helped out in the Revolutionary War. Also noted for the first chapter of an org that turned into the KKK.

This is a potent image.


Really! First, I’m sure it’s an old building gussied up with Super Modern stuff, like that pointless spire. The bones are postwar.

Second, the turkey. If I had to guess, just based on this, I’d say the town had a turkey-processing past or present, and followed the 90s trend of putting statuary around town, identical in form, different in their individual iterations.

It’s like the building just flatlined, or the simulation couldn’t load the second floor:

Nice 50s / 60s storefront - broad, open, angled, with a planter. All the right details.

A local architect really liked those false windows above the second floor.


“After Rome fell, the vandals topped the statues of the caesars from their niches.”

Terrifying but impressive - it’s as close to fascist architecture as America gets.

Comparing the door on the left and the size of the windows, the door on the right seems to suggest a preference for the Hobbit clientele:

You rarely see a theater get hit with the ugly stick this hard, with such contemptuous force:


Those slits correspond to the original window. There's some history here. It's old - goes back to 1871.


It would be possible to make all these buildings look alike.


To their credit, they don’t.

One building, or five?



The one on the end seems different, but not by much. Did they just add another and another as the years went on? Seems unlikely; they were probably built in a narrow window, based on the similar style, which is, er, narrow windows.


Come to think of, concealed monotony seems to be a town theme:

Ah! That’s nice.



A bit busy, and I’ve never liked that light cream brick on a classical building - but at the time it was a bright modern take on the old ideas.

Is this the town of Thin Windows, or what?


There’s a beaut - a 30s building, and it’s got the trademark Pulasky Thin Windows!


Doubt the architects thought it would end up as a second-hand shop, though.

“No, I’m just tired of cleaning windows.”


Huey, Dewey, and Louis:


Each triplet would grow up to express his individuality in his own way.

"Well, the signs asking people not to press their face up against the window and stare inside didn't work. Now what."



Beautiful old sign - and those huge windows! Must have been shockingly wide.



That seems a lot for a town of 8000 people, so I assume it fed the rural constituency as well.

I assume that because it's probably blindingly obvious.