Let's head to a big city for one of our day-brightening surveys of an old vibrant commercial strip beaten to death by time and neglect, shall we?

B 4 You Go:

“While You Wait.” I love the bars on the doors - don’t want anyone breaking in and carting off your tombstones.

The only possible explanation is “brick sample showroom”


It was a nice little building, once. Not fancy. But tight.

In this case, Google Earth provides a chronology.

A few years ago:


In-between view: you can see the houses in the back have been demolished.

The entire block, I suspect, had substantial commercial life.

The view from space proves there was once much more:

I think Mrs. O’Leary lived here.

Palimpsest on the building next door - storage, warehouse.

There’s something in there now, and wouldn’t you be curious what it is?

Another in an inexhaustible series of unoccupied two-story commercial buildings whose sad state still contains hints of the district’s previous existence as a thriving district:

Brick over the old windows on the ground floor often leads to wood in the old windows on the second floor.


From the Flintstone era of Gothic church architecture:

Ladies and gentlemen, lay your bets on who’ll be the last man standing

Thank you for playing

This was the block that went down. Because reasons, as they say.

Minecraft Snorlax:

The bricking-up of the alcoves seems to have taken several decades; it’s as if each new tenant demanded less light.



Reverting to nature. For good for just for a while? We’ll see.

Or perhaps our children will.