Small town, founded as a mining camp. This downtown has, or is, a Historical District. And there is plenty of history:

"Due to Globe's relative isolation from the rest of Arizona and its proximity to the San Carlos Apache reservation, Globe remained a frontier town. Globe's history is laced with many historic events such as murders, stagecoach robberies, outlaws, lynchings, and Apache raids. Natiotish, a San Carlos Apache, left the reservation with a group of about 50 men and continued to attack ranchers and miners."

That's not the whole of it.

In 1884 the surviving Clanton brothers Ike and Phineas arrived in Apache County after the infamous gunfight at the OK Corral in Tombstone. Ike was eventually killed by a local deputy sheriff, and Phineas, after serving prison time for a stage robbery, moved to Globe, where he died of pneumonia and was buried in 1906.

Let's take a look.

That’s one confused post-modern attempt to be historic and respectful of the genre, isn’t it?

Or is it actually old and bad? (Upon reading, it seems that it's old and . . . peculiar.)

Skinned or new?

I think the answer is in the stones on the ground floor, which look like they come from a post-war renovation. The rest of the facade was done later. Whatever or whenever, the result has no era to call its own.

OUMB, except it’s not that bad.

Nice 50s vibe, and it’s not from the 50s.


Poorly mauled. Looks as if they sprayed some dyed aggregat on it.

“Oh, come on, I can’t see why ADA rules would affect our historical building in anyway.

I suppose sure if you have lots of small meteors


The Elephant Man school of architecture was never my favorite.

Those devious Masons . . .

. . . they hid the right side of the building in the 5th dimension.



A hot time could be had here in 1942

I'll bet every bar or restaurant owner who installed those windows regretted it later, because they were always worrying about someone breaking it.

Gorgeous! I have a soft spot for incredibly busy classical decorations.

The front:

Whole building:

From the Perry Mason school of building rehabbing:

Boring, but every town needs one: it puts down a marker for a particular time.

It was the Tonto Hotel. Built in 1916. Vacant since the Ford Adminstration.

Yes, I do love these. Simple modernism.

Built by the Elks, it seems.

Perhaps there aren’t any Elks anymore.

It’s like they hired a guy who showed up with a stucco blower and said “use a tint that further diminishes its uniqueness, okay?



“Well, Mr. Dice, if you don’t want to put your name on the building, what would you suggest?”

That screen! This is one of the most unique post-war rehabs I’ve seen.

And this is not.

Dad left the building to his two sons, thinking it would help them work together.