The other day we looked at a newspaper from Washington, Kansas. Today we tour its streets.

There aren’t a lot of them. The city has 1,300 or so souls. The Google page has a riveting view:

The view from above. You can see it’s a classic American small town, built around the courthouse.

The amount of lawn suggested they may have expected the town to be larger.

There is no OUMB.

This one went through some changes, right? But it’s two buildings.

Around the corner. So . . . it seems that the building couldn’t get Main Street footage, and deployed its breadth along the side street.

Naught but vampires upstairs.

Back to Main street: the Buckaroo’d awning pulls together different buildings like a sweaty, hairy arm.


It’s almost as if there’s a fungus that crept up from the sidewalk and remakes the building slowly over time as it rises.

One building! No, two buildings! No, one building!

Note the tall light bricks on the right . . .

Around the corner. Gah, that building with those bleached distressed bricks that looked good for a while, because they were new, and then everyone seemed to get sick of it.

What’s this moderne building doing here? What was it?

It's so cool. Not the best of the genre, but it must have made folks think "we're up to date." It's the old City Hall, btw.

Someone in town developed a chronological readjustment beam that brings vision of the past to the present, in their entirety.

Same idea on the same street - except this has more of a Deadwood vibe.


The definition of a small town right here.


They were proud of this! So modern!

Compare to the old one. Each was true to its time.

Here’s the courthouse. Older than City Hall . . . and still more modern.

And that's it.