Six thousand souls. It’s Pauls Valley, and he’ll fight any man who says t’ain’t!

You have to wonder: did the investors fight at the last minute and fall out?

"Boss, I know you’re proud of the renovation and there’s lots of display space outside the store, but when I’m behind the back counter I got about two inches between me and the wall.”


Could be a 20s product that made sure shoes in the closet always stayed together.


So Mr. Conner threw his weight in with Patterson, rather than Shumate?

Wonder what the story was.

Once there was a bigger name, and there wasn’t that downtown-depressing word.

It was this.

These tiles always catch my eye. It’s the look of the commercial world when I was a little kid.


There’s a certain style of rehab that looks like they slathered on pancake makeup too thick. Always makes the buildings look unformed and blobby.

Hmm. Fire or collapse - or, renovation?

Answers that


Nothing seem out of the ordinary . . .


. . . until you look at the size of the doors.

There’s a bright testament of faith in downtown:

I wonder if the canopy was installed by a previous tenant, though.  Let's rewind the google . . .

Gosh, do you think it might have been a drug store?


That waterspout doesn’t look like it’s absolutely mission-critical.

GARVIN. That’s the county. This could’ve been a gummint office.

Dang, that’s nice::

And nicely maintained. Lends a note of ancient dignity to downtown.

As opposed to, say . . . this.

Nice going, Blanton.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there was another Roman temple under there.

They just kept whomping it with the ugly stick. Note the windows - I’m betting those are originals.

It was the Valley theater, once.

Sigh; swoon


The appearance of these structures in small towns must have startled, dismayed, amused, or cheered the locals. Which would you be?

Rote early 20th century office block, with a mindless rehab.

“I don’t care if the brick doesn’t match, I want to lighten it up! You know, get with it!”

One OUMB is never enough


Not the most inspirational fountain you’ll see today.