This is Butte. But it’s only part of Butte. Why? There aren’t any rules to this, and it’s my site, so Nyah. Also, Butte requires more than one pass, even under our new 20+ rule. This is a particular neighborhood downtown, and area that had its rise long ago.

It’s Platinum and Main. They have a street called Platinum.

“The owner was a hefty man, yes. That was his desk over there on the left side of the building. Why do you ask?”


The pride of the immigrant:

So I guess.

A solid block of commerce. Scandia Hall.

Montana History site:

The Scandinavian Brotherhood, organized at the Silver Bow County courthouse in 1889, endeavored to unify Scandinavians through fellowship, promote high standards of citizenship, and “fulfill a vacancy in the social world.” Butte No. 1, the mother lodge, built this ornately embellished three-story meeting hall with residential and commercial space in 1898. It was the first lodge hall built by this national organization.

Still here.

Playing on local pride:

But was it any good? I’m sure it was. Cold, any beer will do.


Previously cited site:

By 1919, the Brotherhood had become the Scandinavian Fraternity and counted women among its members. Intensive rehabilitation during the 1990s has restored much of the building’s 1890s elegance. This grand landmark, the neighborhood’s only fraternal hall, features an unusual arch motif repeated in the third-story windows, centerpiece, and in miniature along the parapet.




One of those buildings that look permanently hungover.

No one’s gone out on that balcony in a long while.

Hold on, hold on - that was then! Look at it now!

It’s better!

It’s the Pay-An-TACK-It, right?

Owsley’s? Yes. There were a few Owsley buildings in town, put up by William Owsley. He was also the mayor for a while.


Fascinating palimpsest:

Local historians have no doubt explained everything. Not sure it’s worth it here.

C’mon, Jerr.

Another blasted, faded presence from another time. Almost another civilization, you think. Sometimes.

Shearer was the Union leader, “Sheep” was his nick, and this was his office!

No, of course not.

It hasn’t faded like the others. Wonder what they used for paint.


Wonder what the red joint smelled like inside. Mouse droppings? Grain dust? Mold? Dead water?

You know the place on the right is a serious drinkery for serious drinkers.

I’ll go back some day. It’s worth repeated visits.