It’s a rare three-week visit, another look at the damage done to New Ken.

I wouldn’t have headed back, except last week’s entry didn’t have this.

I know, I know how could we ha ve survived without that. But look at it. The different types of bricks make for a mystery I'll never solve, but you can see the bones of the old building, with its broad windows.

Was there a previous view? There was.

Ah yes. The modernization of downtown. Look at those groovy light fixtures. It's a city on the move!


I looked elsewhere, and found blocks and blocks of damage. Thanks to the Google cars, there’s a record of what was there before fire or progress or infirmity took the structure.

This one survived:


Off-the-shelf ornamentation, but it's nice. The gap on the top was the architect's choice, I think.

What in the wide world of sports is this


Let's go back in time:

I have no clue. Older signs say it was a social club.

I've never seen a configuration like that.

Down the block, the old Italian meeting hall:

Now it's the Sons of Now Open Knead:

The insignia of the old order have been removed.

Another example of the high groovy light fixtures:

Hey, here's a nice old terra-cotta structure. The windows are covered up, but it must have been a proud store:

Ah well

In its last days it was . . .

There's a great little corner bar: let's stop on for a bump.


Too late.

Well, let's turn around, and see if there's anything we can do in this building . . . .

Ah, we blinked, and it's gone.

This one seems to have survived.

  I suppose everyone knew what this meant.

Doesn't look as if Penn is a going concern anymore:


To say the least.


How many teens got their prom tux here?

We wave the wand, and poof: like it never existed.


Looks like the Formal Wear place had two shops downtown:

And they both had to go.


I hate to say it, but we're not done here yet.