Five thousand eighth undred souls in the 2010 census. Its original name was "Farmersville." The wikipedia page doesn't explain the current name, but I gather it's a nod to the Italian city. Well, le's wander around and see what remains.

Ah, the old planter-based urban renewal scheme.

Let's see if it's worked.

“I’m not sure people will expect up-to-date products when the facade has rusticated stone. Can you make the ground floor bland to the point of belonging to no particular era, at the expense of the building’s visual integrity?”


You don’t know if the original paid off so well he made the addition a bit more ornate, or if the original cost so much he had to scrimp on the addition.


Some poor buildings look like they’re peering through the bars of a jail cell.


“Took ‘em a few decades but they finally figured out why the second store wasn’t renting.”

Those second-floor windows were a strong commitment to the belief no one would put up something next door.



When the Google Matrix glitches and starts plastering random images in Street View pictures:

Whew, wouldn’t want anyone to ID them and harass them


Nice. But what’s at the top?

The lost work of men whose reasons are also forgotten.


Report 34534 to home planet: I have not yet been detected


What is it with Milan and three-window / two-window tandems?


Like most signs of the era, it would look jarring if it wasn’t faded.

For some reason . . .

I have its bygone view. And now we know what the old sign said: Boy’s and Men’s.

Yeah, I enjoyed the Bicentennial too, but I didn’t rush out and buy an Uncle Sam suit.

Color seems to be Milan’s thing, and to be honest it’s fun.


Old married couple; she saw the younger folks getting all colorful, and thought it would be fun, for a change.

Hubby, he’s always been a stick in the mud.

You know, I might be reading too much into things, but I don’t think that was always a hardware store.

Cinematreasures has . . . nothing.

Something was here. Gee, wonder what it was?

That’s nice. It really is.

Sad, but better than forgetting.

I’m crouching now, just in anticipation


Mid-century OUMB, although it seems somewhat ashamed of itself, and wears bland style-free clothing that gives few hints of its original soul.

Not that its original soul was a loud or large thing.