Thirty-three thousand souls, but the metropolitan area has over 140K. Wikipedia says "Dalton is home to many of the nation's floor-covering manufacturers, primarily those producing carpet, rugs, and vinyl flooring. . . . In the 1990s, Mexicans began to immigrate to Dalton to work at carpet factories.  By 2010, 48% of Dalton's 33,000 residents were Latino."

That seems a rather speedy development.

Well, let's see what's there.



“I could’ve gotten my paper down at O&S, but it lacked that regal touch, so I prefer to go to Paper Princess. Or would, if I could make out the sign."


Ah, the rare chameleon tree.

Or building built with chameleon bricks.  Way up top:

Maybe birds or squirrels were getting in.

“Oh, I knew my twin was gay since first grade."


It’s not as bad as it could be. The brick is from the era of Bad Glue-On Faux Stone, there’s a Buckaroo awning, but they’ve made the attempt to tie it altogether.

None of this is very interesting. Why did I go here?

A rather unadventurous building, but it might have looked a bit more interesting before the paint.


This was exactly how it looked when it went up.


"Son, we’re all glad you came clean about taking that L-S-D, and we got to admit, it could’ve been worse.”

A stylish 60s addition to the corner. It’s restrained. Classic. The sidewalks look nice. People like trees. But none of it seems to be enough anymore, does it?

Took me a while to figure this out. It’s an OUMB, but I’ve never seen modern banks with such an unfriendly ground floor.

WhI think the skylight-half-circle things were added much later after the marble entombment.


Nice, but it's missing . . . what?

Very good! The glass above the windows of the storefronts.

That . . . is the most severe classical small-town bank I’ve ever heard.


“Oh, mister, be glad you weren’t here. Worst flood we ever had.”

That’s just an odd building. There’s something odd about all of this.

Ah, yes, that style. Hotel? Sure! Embassy of small country? Sure! Bank? Sure!

One size fits all.

Well, that’s it. Sorry, Dalton. I’m sure I missed something.