A small example today, a reminder when the Main Street feature was just a handful of photos.

What . . . what is this?

“Town was nothin’ but aliens in the 70s. They came, set up shop, made things look the way they liked, did their studyin’, then ‘veryone of ‘em left.”

‘Course, we thought they might have been from Miami.”


“Ol’ Gus, he came down with the skin disease somethin’ awful. They said it wasn’t contagious but I’ll be damned if his building didn’t catch it as well.”

“Then we got some folks in from Californ-eye-ayy way, and they wanted to test out some building designs, see how they looked without any cars or other buildings or people around ‘em. Nice folk, said we could have them after they were done.”


“Criminey yes, I remember that year. Hailstone drove the whole city council mad. Thought the Japs were attacking.”


“Nice old sign, isn’t it? Don’t get too close. The aliens set up some sort of time-displacement field around it. Never ages. Never fades. Bulbs never go out.”


“Warn’t until 1984 we realized the aliens had been using this here elevator to assemble their rockets.”


"Folks weren’t happy when they spoilt the sign there, but we all knew what it said - Dakota Maid - so it wasn’t that bad.”


And that's it.