Five thousand five hundred souls in the 2010 census. Wikipedia's scant entry: "Brush, Colorado was named for Jared L. Brush, who was a Colorado cattle pioneer. Brush had never lived in Brush, Colorado, instead helping to settle what is now known asĀ Greeley. Brush later served as Lieutenant Governor of Colorado, and liked to visit 'his town' often." But not enough to live there.

I was taken to Brush by a matchbook earlier, slated for the 2023 museum entries. It's a short visit today.

Ah, the old planter-and-tree urban renewal scheme.

Let's see if it's worked.

A likely candidate for Google Street View, the Website, my compendium of interesting shots.

. . . .but it didn't quite make the cut. Still, it has a certain something - the empty store, the lone woman watching the emmisary of the Googleplex cruise past.

Oh. This is why I decided to clip: quite the OUMB.

It's a big statement. It's like a big machine that rolls forward and swallows everything and excretes small tidy boxes.

Joyful, eh?

One of those cases where I applaud the trees. Nothing else youn could do with this.

The white line, I suspect, was . . . no, I've no idea.

Windows redone on the side street part. It's two buildings, and there's evidence of arches over the windows, coming right up to the cornice. Odd thing.

Apparently the town's residents are deaf and blind.


Yes, those trees will bring everything bnack, soon.

Big showroom windows; the blandness of the building suggests it was built like this.

Hey! A theater. The Sanos!

No, the Sands. Cinematreasures: "The Emerson Theatre was opened March 4, 1916 by Charles W. Emerson on Clayton Street at Edison Street in Brush, Colorado. The original seating capacity was 360. It was renamed Sands Theatre in 1966."

Ancient picture here.

I always love old perpendicular signs.

This one's a bit clumsy, the way it's sitting on a pole. Was that added to keep it from toppling?

It's always a bit strange to see old faded signs with fairly recent logos.

The Buckaroo Revival salesman got a hell of a commission out of this trip.

Finally: the New Tribune!

Well, the News Tribune. (Formerly the Sanos.) Still collecting the news for the locals.

There you have it.