Well, that’s different, as we say up here in passive-aggressive-land.


Not bad, but I’ve never seen that type of rehab before. Could be worse, but it’s just odd; you don’t know what effect it’s aiming to achieve. “We had a lot of brackets left over from putting doors in the back yard fence,” perhaps.


w, look who’s proud of his hat:

It’s well-preserved, and looks as if it never had a bad patch.

he tower cap is a bit underscaled, but doesn’t look entirely ridiculous.

Goodbye tree; we’ve other ideas.

Ennis, Y'all.

Jack’s poffed to retail Valhalla, but no one’s seen any reason to take the old sign down.


Ah, someone’s doing the old “she was born here, so we’ll claim to her entire career” bit.

Except she wasn’t. I don’t know why it’s named after her. It’s the Ennis Public Theater.


Why did I snip this?


Snazzy original; nice to see the old storefront intact.


As I’ve said before, the vogue for putting trees downtown makes the buildings look as if they’re trying to peer through a crowd.

Tree-time seems over in Ennis.


“Those are all the classical ornaments we could afford, Bob. We passed the hat twice, too.”

Actually, it looks as if it was renovated, and they couldn’t bear to wipe away all traces of the past.

Two lodges? Or the previous home?

Again with the photobombing trees.

From the Nearer-my-God-to-Mies school of church design:

Hah! What a name!

Those aren’t your only options, you know.

Masked up for your safety, I guess.

Look, if you’re going to cover up an old facade, do something big with the canvas.


One of those buildings where it’s either a Carnegie Library trying to be a bank, or the other way around.

It was a bank.

“Oh, don’t mind him, he always tags along. Never says anything, just stands by us and thinks he’s part of the gang. Doesn't like to share our weed, just does uppers”



Annnnd scene.

Do we have an OUMB?

We have an OUMB.

23 But we have a cantankerous old coot of a bank, as well.

We end our visit here:

I hope they keep the money on the second floor; easier to find once the top collapses on the ground floor.