Hold on, AGAIN? Martinsville AGAIN?   No: it's a different Martinville. Population 12,000 souls, rounding up.


“The main window had a little space-distortion from the wormhole passing through, but it looks to be temporary.”

Typical modern civic building, right down to the repeating “stones” that look like a pattern in an early video game.


OUMB in all its glory:

“Well, we could have built it out and had more space, but we were really focused on that Roman colonnade style.

“You do see it, don’t you? It’s pretty Roman and all.”


I don’t do enough churches, but that’s because there aren’t a lot in the towns I go. Not downtown.

Standard issue model here, with some renovations still visible in the tower base. Must have moved an entrance.

This one checked out a long time ago. The ghosts left behind are hard to read.

Again, did they put the second-floor windows in after the building went down, or reopen them? I’m inclined to the latter, suggesting that the corner site had a one story building, which was demolished for the two-story corner building we no longer have. If you know what I mean.

You just want to find the button that centers the type and click it over and over.


Oh, it was something else before it was SUPER SPORTS.

The ground-floor stone indicates a rehab, and the general massing and windows say . . . 30s, early 40s. I’ll bet it was a swank men’s shop once.



I mean, hurrah it’s still around, but it looks like it’s really on edge.



“We were relieved when it stopped giving birth after two.”

Carnegie library, obviously, with additions that are supposed to be respectful of the original design, but look like suburban houses.


Nice of them to put in a drain for Jake’s leaky window unit:

The whole thing is an exercise in defacement.

I’m not happy about this. The ground floors don’t line up, and it’s obviously all the same building.

Or it was built in phases. The cornice was added after completion. Maybe.

Pity about the glass block, but otherwise an impeccable Roman Embassy.

I like glass block, but it’s not an improvement here.


Manspreading, architecture-style:



Lousy modernization. The wide area on the ground floor suggests a Firehouse, no?

Sigh. Window choices are so-so. But good for them for preserving it.

As we have learned, the thin windows were better for ventilation - the air was drawn through the building with more force. But maybe do the whole front with the slits?

Ah: research indicates that it was originally two stories; third added in 1900 for the Masons.

Another block that looks like several buildings:


Another google-car drive-by shows . . . .


And that's IT for the Martinsvilles. Hope you've had your fill.