Wikipedia says it's a "large town." Seems a bit subjective. Fifty-thousand souls. Named for John Moore, who seems to be disappointed with it all.

Well, I don’t have enough money to buy the whole building. Can I just buy a slice?

This . . . is sad. Old, old building, with a 60s renovation, and now it’s just sitting there with its filthy awning.

What are those people doing in the corner?


Go this way for some unspecified purpose:

Goodman’s, I’d say. Agree?

It was also Bush furniture. The glue spots mark the place where the metal or vitralite panels were stuck. The modern letters mock the whole thing.

Don’t you just want to grab the top part with your left hand and the bottom part with your right and slide them together

I’d like to be confident it was built in two stages, but there’s something about it that says maybe not.

I got a haircut just like my big sister!

OUMB, Tomb of Darkness style:


It’s possible this is the most faithful recreation of the old style as you’re likely to see:

There’s so much about it that seems unlikely to be old, and yet I’m sure it is.

“I have developed a fully American style that does away with the outdated vocabulary of the past, and replaces the classical pediment with a new, brave set of ideas.”

(Dies penniless)


Wut, as the kids say

It looks like a church, but it’s not. It’s a bizarre bit of post-modern Romanesque revival. Looks like it’ll squish everyone who cares enter.

Another post-war bank; this is the best of the batch. The middle portion is overbearing and dull, but the rest is severe and refined.

Oh, Mitchell

It’s like they stole the rotunda - the square rotunda - from some larger, more interesting 1987 building.


Ghost building. Can’t tell much about what was there, except that it came first and went first.

On the other side of the vacant lot:

Elsewhere: fantastic palimpsest. Almost preferable to the recreation, since it's a more honest reflection of time.

Royal Blue what?

I think I know. Took a while.

Ah, we’re one of those “restoring the ads will bring downtown back” places.

Margaret Towell King: died in 2002. Her obit has a long, long list of accomplishments, including:

Mrs. King was also the Chairman of the Board of Sun-drop Bottling Company of Concord, Inc., Past President of Sun-Drop Bottling Co., of Concord, Inc

Don’t get me wrong, I love them - but there’s always something that seems a bit off.

Inadvertant Interesting Shot of the week:

Finally: yes!


No place better on a summer night.