Forty-three thousand souls. They make Sunny D and Texas Instruments stuff here. Let's take a look.

Nice! But not that good. Really, it’s rather dull.

I can’t figure out if it was built like this, or someone rehabbed it 35 - 45 years after it first went up. Doesn’t seem as if they went all-in on the Moderne details. The stars make me inclined to think it was much, much older.

And why would that be? Perhaps you know.

Great entrance from the Buck Rogers school of architecture.

Can’t be anything but a government building

Hello, I’m here from the State, and we just want you to know we despise all of you.

There’s a surprise.

"The grass will provide a welcome organic note."

Leveled by? What does this mean? The lot used to belong to the Masons? The local court system was steamrolled by the Masons and the run it all now?

I mean, I can guess what it means. Goes with what the Masons do.

Here’s how you do blocky and unadorned without destroying the mood of the street:

You’re damned right they added two floors.

They don’t even try to hide it.

“I don’t know what happened! There was a flash, then this building appeared, and some men with English accents staggered out, cursing!”

It’s a nifty thing, if a bit battered and out of place. Could be worse!

Down the street, yet: it is worse.


Hmm. That's from 2013. Wonder if it’s better today.

Yes! They removed the metal and revealed the ancient stones.

The sad sight of an old department or furniture store, the name struck off the metal facade.

Around the corner . . .

. . . Happy trails, I guess.

When you jack up a temple like this, it’s always odd when people go down to the basement and look out at the sidewalk.

The what now?

AF and AM: Ancient Free and Accepted Masons.

It’s complicated but also not really.

An utter weirdo, but I like it. Modern but still idiosyncratic.


I just love this. Not just for the ground floor parking and the blank screen, but the crushing device mounted over the door to squash people into red paste.

More next week - like all good Texas towns of a certain size, this place is loaded.