A very small town. Kadoka just might be an American Indian name, I think.

It has the look of an old hotel. I mean, an old one.

Bottom floor lobby where the guests could read the paper, because the rooms upstairs are too small and lonely. Porch to take the air.

HAHAHAHA I really should look ahead when I’m writing this.

Was the old name revealed later? That’s nifty.

A painted lady. Better than letting to go to ruin.

Glad they didn’t paint over the white area; that shows some care.


Ever see those weird campers built in the bed of a pickup?

I wonder if it was always a post office.

A WPA project building, perhaps. The distant gods of the Federal government would export the most modern styles to the farthest reaches of the realm.

By Golly Mister Dillon I think those Ames boys are fixin’ to shoot ups the Longbranch tonight


Did Shane make it for others, or is it in memory of Shane?

There was a Shane who won a bucking bronco contest in Kadoka, and there’s a bucking bronco in the illustration. But he doesn’t live there and he’s not dead.

That is a perfect Dakota building. The prairie, the early days, the swellings of civic pride.

And the one on the left is nice, too.


The indignities visited upon 1920s commercial structures are unending in their number and variation.


The end of Main Street.

And that’s all. Not a lot. But these places deserve a look, too.