Idaho's most third-populous city, says Wikipedia. Over one hundred thousand souls.

An inscrutable space on the alley. Surely not a door. Odd place for a window.

The Commfercial Building, erected the year of our Lord 1907.

Wonder when the E got clipped.

A church with a most unfortunate and unimaginative addition.



Towns of a certain size always have one of these: a 60s / 70s apartment building of no particular merit, looking like the residences of sexy sitcom residents.


A tidy little thing. It looked more open and friendly, once.

But eventually it looks like this, and people forget.

How many second-story blinded buildings have we seen over the years?

Whatever someone was doing to this, he lost interest.

Ah: Now we see what it used to be. What we don’t know is why it used to be like this.

An inscrutable old ad, possibly one over an older one.

There's a Coke ad in there somewhere.

That damned lamp. That corrugated backdrop. That olde-timey typeface.


OUMB, barely; with a little more 80s cool it could've been better.



Classic old bank, you might say - except when have we ever seen a bank that looked like this, and proclaimed its function thus?

Hmm. Now what could this have been.

Cinematreasures says it was the Pix, or the Frontier. The roof fell in. There were plans to turn it into something else. The same old story.

The nice little modernist jewel box, so clean and crisp at the time compared to all the brick.

This looks like it was either a restaurant or a funeral parlor. Perhaps a fancy restaurant.

Now it’s a Legion hall. Evidence suggests - and don't ask, it's boring - that it always was.


This looks like absolutely nothing to us now, but again: a clean modern building that told everyone the tolwn was on the move. Look at a those big windows, angled for the future!


I don’t know what this ever was or what it’s trying to be. Perhaps another look?

No, I'm still confused.

Not as much downtown as I'd expect for a 100,000 people. It's spread out. Blocks of nothing in particular . . . then this!