For some reasons I decided to do a few then-and-now shots, perhaps because the place isn’t particularly interesting. We’ll see.

The church before:

The church after, with new decorations on the painted wall.


Oooh, a post-war grocery store. Do we have a better shot?

Yes, but alas.

It's hard on a town when the grocery store goes out. Hard.

Putting the urns around the door helps to reduce its off-centeredness, but it’s not enough.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Midwest

Looks like it got a thick coat of stucco; I’d bet there are bricks beneath.


Des Mart: a fine post-war facade, if a bit rote. Nice to see it intact, and well kept; not a trace of rust.


I can hear the Herb Alpert play. I don’t know why. But I do.


Post-war building in the “public service” style, which could include utilities.

Old man Brenner comes out once a month, wild-eyed and smelly

See? The same “public service” style.

OUMBist of the OUMB.

The modern interpretation of the Main Street commercial strip has been, for decades, an almost instant failure.

No one loves this stuff.

The side was done in 60s Flintstone style.

Something interesting: the high school. I’ll bet it was a WPA building. If not, at least it was built during that era. Kids must have felt pretty spiffy: this was as modern as Buck Rogers.

Finally: a bit of the bygone times.

There's more . . . but there isn't, really.