Welcome to Menasha.

Okay. Why here? A matchbook, as usual. A matchbook you'll see in 2025, God willing and the creek don't rise. (Note: I am referring specifically to the American Indian tribe known as the "creek," lowercase.)

It’s a heartening sight - old buildings, a new structure to revitalize the town.

See the bricks on the left side of the old building?

This is what was there.

They razed this?

They did.

For this.

Fairly typical modern building. Not particularly distinctive, but better than a glass block.

Across the street: nice!

Say no more!

IOOF, of course.

I like the way the newer building echoes the older one. Might be later addition.

Perhaps Citgo bought some offi

1895. You don’t see a lot of those witch’s hat decorations.


Almost perfect and pristinely preserved.


Ditto here. Did they hit this side of the street with a time-freezing beam?


“I know people think I come from the future. That’s preposterous. Such things are impossible. Anyway, Mr. Architect, I want a building that will some day accommodate a bowling alley. A what? It’s - oh, never mind, just give me a long building."

Every Seventies suburban building everywhere.


Holy Crow. Audacious and rather horrible but hey, it’s different.

It seems they just painted over the glass. Why not? It’s easy. Who cares?

He might care, but no one's asking:

What’s interesting about this, you ask?

It’s almost a second main street on the edge of downtown.

Unfortunately . . .

Time is hungry.

for the first time in a century or so, someone can look out the window again.

If there's anyone home.