The County Seat, population 8,520 souls.

I get a bad feeling when I open up a folder named for an obscure town in Texas or Oklahoma. I worry that it’s all going to be depressing and vacant.

Well, let’s begin.

Oh! Well, that’s not bad.

Repurposed streetlights, obviously; those weren’t the original plinths. Looks as if they were war booty from some conflict against the Munchkins.

Sign’s showing some wear, but it’s still a going concern. At least when the Google cars came through.


Old garage? That’s what the indentations usually suggest. Doesn’t look quite right for that, though. The building seems to predate the automotive era.

Magic wand - select - copy pattern - replace into selected area


Someone went all swank ’n’ space-age with this rehab:

Another look. That’s wild.

Print shop now! Because folks need lots of printing done.

I don’t know why I snapped this. Perhaps to give you a sense of context, how the downtown appears.

  A rare act of time eroding the name block?

Or just a bad picture? I went back, zoomed in; it’s the PATRICK building. In case you were taking notes.

The loss of a store sign reveals the color it was painted, long ago.

“For rent.”

I’m sure it was well-received at the time. Brought a lift to the old Main Street.

Now it looks as if they punished the old building for something, and took away its window privileges.

The side reveals a palimpsest that gives us the story of the original inhabitants.

I know an OUMB when I see one.

Of course it’s a 70s / 80s civic building. Library? City Hall? Doesn’t matter; the building has no interest in telling you.

More Munchkin conflict booty.

Finally: another ghost sign, a palimpsest worn away to unreadability.

My fears weren’t completely born out.

Could’ve been worse.