We’re in Jasper, a place we visited yesterday in the Clippings feature, right?

No. That was Jasper Gah. This is Jasper Al.

“The good news is, our contingency fees add up to ensure solvency for the next five years.”


And we all know what this was.

The existence of the pump apron suggests they didn’t bring the tanks up. Didn’t have to.


Interesting survivor. I mean the little vase, but the sign, too.

Otherwise no one would remember -


That’s the building next door.

Built for the ages, those little stone things.


“Ol’ Bob, he’s got that, what, ACDC? I swear the architect did this just to give him the fits.”

Not saying Ken’s got something of a god complex, but


“I know you’re finished with the design and the building’s almost finished, but I’m the developer, and I want a little more rentable space on the right.”

“And I don’t care how much it bothers ol’ Bob.”


The dreaded metal sheet roof and an 80s rehab. I think it’s 80s. The style wasn’t too popular, but it did give an old building a new look.

To put it kindly.

“We want a park, but not one anyone can actually use.”


They all had one.

Hope those were defused.


A fine 30s Courthouse, no?

Odd choice of stone for the lower area, though; detracted from the severe modernism of the structure. But that’s a small carp.


Another old citizen that got the 80s upgrade on the lower floors.

Not as abrupt as the other one; almost blends. Almost.

J. J. & C. D. L - must have cost too much to carve Johannes Jingleheimerschmitt and Caldwell Deliterious Lowensteinenmann


A block bereft.


Rehabs like this make the building look like an old man whose pants are hitched up to his sternum.

The landscaping . . . helps.


I love oddly shaped buildings on small lots. They have such character.

But this one is like a beloved dog stuffed and mounted with an empty expression.


OUMB galore:

Every town needs one.

22 Or two

Could be a runaway from a 1963 World’s Fair. No, too small. It’s a model of a pavilion from same.


Oh God

We’ve never encountered an M. C. Escher OUMB before, have we?


Ahh, that’s better. A nice cool glass of water after that last one.

What are we going for here, the Acropolis look?

If Zeus was a bricklayer.

I'm sure there's more, but I'm bumping up against the pointless self-imposed limit that makes me break them into two segments sometimes.