One thousand, one hundred souls. Give or take. As you might expect, there's not a lot. Entirety of the Wikipedia "History" section: "Wood River was first laid out in 1868, but when the railroad moved the depot, the town followed it, and moved to its current site in 1874." The whole town!

Now why on earth would I clip this?

It’s blurry, so that usually means there’s something startling about the current version.


Well, I guess no one has to worry about dodging traffic anymore.

Apron. Cigarette break. Captured for all time

One building, except it’s three

The one on the left is the closest to the original view. The purist!

Ancient off-the-shelf ornamentation to go with the pressed-tin facade.

The builder wanted it to be nice.

I have many questions.

But I'm in no hurry to have them answered.

“Well, turned out that after everyone in town got a piece, we still had some of the dragon’s skin left over. D took it.”

“Town was really booming in 1906, and we got a lot of Dutch folk in. Tall people, they are. The womenfolk, they all got with child around the end of the year.”

  Ahh, this explains it. Rapid expansion for the invaluable fraternal organization.


I wonder if they finished redoing the windows and thought “damn, poor guy looks startled now."

"Hello, name's Wilson. If you’re finished at the Dunn block, stop by and talk, I’d like to see your rates."

Has to be the same contractor.

A stretched copy of the building we saw above - the one that was split into three.

Not a lot of originality in town, but that’s okay.

"Now the way I see it, folks get too much light, they take to squintin’, and then they need glasses. But if you don’t have any light, they squint for a different reason. You only need one window. That’s my theory and I believe it’s scientific."

“Course, the Masons, they came around to a different conclusion.”

And that’s it. Not much. Never was.