Colville, WA. Saaaalute.

OUMB, taking the form of the local office for the brutal alien race that has colonized Earth and put control stations in every hamlet:

A real Joy Chateau here.

Leftover from its demolished neighbor.

Not entirely unwelcome 21st century attempt to bring back the old Main Street look, updated with new rhythms.

See, just like it used to be, with different facades! It’s just like the classic view of the small-town street, except designed by a mad man.

Extrusion School on an OUMB.

The thin brick is always attractive, though. Brings a crisp rigor to the plain walls.



Another tree photobombing a perfectly fine classical structure.

Apparently they thought better of it; this is the most recent view.

Yes, less foliage, less shade, but more CITY.

I don’t know why the cornice’s right side is missing the ornamental touches you see on the left. Or why the left has fewer columns. Design decisions that went to the grave with the architect and client.

Can we assume that the second floor had windows like the third, and they were altered? The brick suggests so.

Oh God

The dreaded Metal Buckaroo and 60s/70s arched windows. Looks like it wants to be painted red, so it can cosplay as an Italian chain restaurant.

Later: even more brown.

Sad, but still cool.

Cinematreasures says it was opened in 1927, and renamed in 1938; I expect that’s when it was renovated. That’s not a 1927 design. Almost but not yet, not out in the hinters.

Sometimes if no one touches it, it ends up being better than everything they tried to improve over the years.



It’s gone. Did it fall off? Was it stolen? It can’t have been junked, can it?

Of course it could've.